For the last 20 years I have been a stay at home dad who wrote a few novels, grew a few organic, but extremely costly veg and travelled the world when time and money permitted.

I used to work in the NHS, but that was a long time ago and not very interesting unless you are in hospital. In 1997, after leaving the NHS, I went to live in Eastern Europe, Romania, Transylvania where worked in a psychiatric hospital for men and women. The conditions here were inhumane in lots of cases and most of our work involved making sure patients were permitted at the very least, their human rights; safety, food and shelter. I returned very shaken by what I had seen and very cynical about how the west manages its aid and support for struggling countries. I like to think things have improved, but with the introduction of Brexit, I fear that the UK will simply be seen to have withdrawn from the issues of immigration and people fighting for their basic human rights. My experience here, prompted me to write my first novel- ‘Bread for the Bourgeoisie’ about human trafficking and this underworld, which astonishingly still thrives today. It is a hard-hitting thriller and at some point in the future I will write the sequel. I have written three other books, garnered a few awards, of little interest to anyone but me and do various media stuff on the radio every now and then. I am a Plymouth Argyle supporter and we are going up!

After returning from Eastern Europe, I became the full-time dad to our 4 children. I have done this for 20 years and have finally written a book about it. It is called ETERNITY LEAVE and will be published in February 2021 by RECKLESS PRESS.